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boost your commercial office

target group

- Sales department


1 day

(total of 8 hours)


More self-confidence, more follow-up of offers, more turnover. 

details of the training


It is a one-day learning programme. The intention is that after this course, you will have more self-confidence and more focus to follow up your customers and quotations. Hit rate of the quotations increases on average > 10% because of this.



We provide theoretical insights and after each theme you have time to prepare yourself and practise the material. You will be given a number of tools to take home with you that you can use in your daily job afterwards. You will look differently at following up offers and be more successful. be more successful.



The training itself lasts 1 day. On the basis of examples and background theory, we will work with exercises and exercises and reflection to optimise your sales and follow-up techniques. The needs of each participant and the whole group will be taken into account. This should lead to increase your self-confidence and competence in order to achieve your objectives. 


What will you go home with?

Tips and tools to gain more self-confidence.
Communication do's and don'ts.
Experience exchange from others.
An action plan with a commitment. 

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Are you ready to grow yourself and your business?

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