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Canva cursus voor gevorderden - The Art of Growing


Canva for the advanced

In this course we will go a step further and discover all the things we can do with a Canva Pro account. Learn how to create great designs and use tools that are only accessible with a Canva Pro account.

Please note that you must purchase a Canva Pro account to take this course. A Canva Pro account costs just under 10 euros per month. You can find more information about the prices here. 

Canva is an online tool that gives you a helping hand in creating the best designs. It is the tool you didn't know you needed. But beware, because once you start using Canva you will not want to do anything else! Designing has never been so much fun. 

Canva cursus voor gevorderden - The Art of Growing
Try Canva Pro - free trial for 30 days

You can use the free version and it’s great BUT the Canva Pro version has many great benefits and it is very affordable. If you’re a blogger, entrepreneur, social media manager or small business owner, Canva Pro will save you time and money. Let’s look at some of the features and benefits.

Now you can create more easily and faster with Canva. If you want to take your designs to the next level, you can try Canva Pro for free for 30 days.


The benefits of Canva Pro:

  • Extend your Brand kit. (Add more color palettes, logos , icons, custom fonts)

  • Animate your designs

  • Schedule your social media posts

  • Access to over 60 million free images and elements from Canva's library.

  • Collaborate in a team. Work together on different projects.

  • New features that will save you a lot of time like the background remover,
    save with a transparent background, magic resize, etc.

  • Expansion of your organization tools

And so on…

Everything you need for professional design

Start your free Pro trial

Canva Pro BG Remover_theartofgrowing.jpg

Everyone can become a Canva designer, especially you!

Canva cursus voor gevorderden - The Art of Growing
No knowledge of expensive programmes such as photoshop? No worries,
Canva to the rescue!

With Canva, you are able to tackle common problems that content marketing brings. Do you want a new logo, but don't want to go to an expensive marketing agency to do it?  Maybe you long to take your social media to the next level? Or would you like to create an original presentation? Then YOU need Canva! 

Canva has the tools to enable users to create great, engaging and relevant content in NO TIME. And the best part is that Canva is completely free. You can also get a Canva Pro account for just €10 a month, but you don't need that for this course. We are only going to work with free elements here. And yes, even with the free features of Canva you can create some great designs!

Believe me, creating your own designs has never been so much fun. Experience in graphic design is absolutely not a must to work with Canva. 

what is canva?

Canva is a free online graphic design platform where you can design anything you want. Choose from thousands of free professional templates (or make your own templates) and get started. 

Canva has a super convenient drag-and-drop feature which makes it super user-friendly. 

Canva is an online tool for which you do not need to install anything. Canva works on any computer. 

Canva is just amazing!

You won't regret it. 

Canva cursus voor gevorderden - The Art of Growing
What can you expect from this course? 

Canva for the Advanced is for people who are already comfortable with Canva and know the basics. With this course we will really get into the pro elements and how you can take your designs to the next level. 


On the first day you will get an introduction to Canva Pro. After that, it is up to you to get started.  After 20 days you will have created your own newsletter, advertisement, social media post with 3D effect, logo, email banner, invoice, poster and much more. We are happy to share all the knowledge we have so that you can create your own beautiful designs with your Canva Pro account.

If you purchase the course, you will have access to an online learning platform. On this platform, you will get a nice overview of all the lessons that you have already completed and all the lessons that are still to come. You create a username and password so that you can always return to it. For 20 days, you will receive an email every morning with the link to that day's lesson.   

All lessons are formatted in Canva itself, so you can get started right away in the lesson file. Everything is explained in written steps and with extra visual support in the form of video tutorials at the end of each lesson.  Then we will gladly help you personally!

and what about the follow-up after i have bought the course?

Do you have questions while designing? We have set up a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and share all your designs. Would you like us to take a look at your designs in person? Then you can always send us an email! 

We are really looking forward to welcoming you to our Canva community! 

Canva cursus voor gevorderden - The Art of Growing
Do you Need some more information about Canva and what you can do with it?
Download now our free canva E-book
Canva cursus voor gevorderden - The Art of Growing
Canva cursus voor gevorderden - The Art of Growing

An attended two Canva workshops with us and then immediately followed our Canva course. She says that because of the Canva course she now loses less time building her branding and that she could start working as a specialist right away. 

Do you want to start working with our Canva course just like An? 

Canva cursus voor gevorderden - The Art of Growingus voor gevorderden - The Art of GrowingCanva cursus voor gevorderden - The Art of Growing
Canva cursus voor gevorderden - The Art of Growing
alright, i'm convinced.
Where can i buy this course?i'm ready to design!
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Are you ready to grow yourself and your business?

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