The one on one coaching is about you.  You as a leader, friend, father, mother, YOU as a business person.  Everybody gets sometimes stuck in life, in making decisions, in being ready for the future, in making difficult choices or decisions,...  In 1 intensive day and 3 follow up calls/meetings we make up your growth or change plan.  Our purpose is to help YOU be you again.    By a combination of being in nature, healthy food, asking many questions,  ... you wil find out your purpose in life again.  

Are you ready to take the next step for you and your organisation?  

1 on 1 mentoring

1 day of coaching ensures that you take a moment to consider the most important things in your life. You get everything back in the right perspective and you have the tools to make changes in your life that make you powerful and happy. Follow-up is advisable, so that good ideas are actually implemented.  Order here your personal development book.  

authentic leadership

A very personal insight of you and you as a leader in your company.  Because it's personal we can really deliver in a short time results.   Assessment, business coaching, insights & practicing your leadership skills leads to more motivated people and overall growth.  Order here your leadership book.


Wijerstraat 7

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Tel: +32 491 166 791

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