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sales techniques

target group

- (Starting) entrepreneurs

- Sales Managers


1 day

(total of 8 hours)


Better structuring of the sales process and using your own strengths to achieve higher sales returns.

details of the training


It is a one-day learning path with a pre and post-programme. An innovative approach. The intention
is that you are inspired after this course, and have more focus to realise sales growth.



We provide theoretical insights into a sales process and after each topic you have time to prepare and practice the material. You will be given a number of tools to take home with you that you can use in your daily job. You will look differently at sales and be more successful.



There is a small preparation that is sent by e-mail. The training itself is 1 day. On the basis of examples and background theory, we will work with exercises and reflection to optimise your sales techniques. The needs of each participant and the whole group will be taken into account. This should lead to an increase in your self-confidence and ability to reach your sales targets. 

What will you go home with?

Tips and tools to better prepare your sales process.
Experience exchange from others.
An action plan with a commitment.
Better understanding of who am I and why do I react this way with certain people? Social styles.
Not a one-off focus, but a continuous process of which you have now built the first bricks!

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Are you ready to grow yourself and your business?

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