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target group

- Entrepreneurs

- Team leaders

- Middle Management 

- The board 

- Hr manager


2 day interactive training
16  hours


4 hours of follow-up per month
during 4 months (16 hours)


In total 32 hours






Personnel management: the personnel policy of a company to achieve an efficient and functioning work organization, aimed at the general operation of an SME, and with regard to:

  1. work organization and business processes;

  2. competency policy;

  3. diversity and non-discrimination policy;

  4. evaluation and performance


   5. Personal assessments Thalento

details of the training

It is a 2-day learning path with an extensive before-and-after trajectory. A new approach. The intention is that after this programme you will be inspired to realise your HR strategy for the future. 


More than ever, keeping your employees motivated and high performing is crucial for the grotwh of the company.  Your team is of most importance to realise your strategy. It is therefore a challenge to adapt your way of HR managing depending on the assignment, knowledge and performance of your people.


We provide theoretical & practical insights in HR management.  We explain how, why and what to do to execute the HR strategy.  You learn to analyse the business process and optimise this.

You learn to do personal assessments and setup a competence matrix.  You learn how to setup a jobdescription with clear roles & responsibilities.  You learn to setup a growth plan per person with a training platform.  You learn to do performance reviews and evaluation processes.  You learn about HR policies.  

We start the training with a picture of the current situation and the ideal situation.  

We work towards the best HR structure and policy.

What will you go home with?
The knowledge to set up the complete HR process within the company.

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Are you ready to grow yourself and your business?

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