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inspiring leadership

target group

- Entrepreneurs

- Team leaders

- Middle Management 

- The board 


1 day interactive training
leadership and what it
is involved 


2 hours of follow-up per month
during 4 months/pp

(total of 16 hours). 







1 day leadership personal
assessment (prior to the training)

(total of 8 hours)


Knowing yourself better, the effect on others, how to adapt your behaviour and how to lead and inspire your team.

Getting the most out of your employees' competences.

Positive inspiration and motivation ultimately lead to more turnover /profit / effectiveness increase / internal peace. 

Determining your starting position, what determines your leadership style, how can you grow as a person.

details of the training

It is a 2-day learning path with an extensive before-and-after trajectory. A new approach. The intention is that after this programme you will be inspired and will realise growth in your company, with your team and yourself.


More than ever, your team is of utmost importance to realise your strategy. It is therefore a challenge to adapt your way of managing depending on the assignment, knowledge and performance of your people.

But how do you achieve these tough internal targets and what is your role as manager in this? How do you keep your team inspired and motivated? And how do you communicate and align your strategy so that everyone so that everyone is on board?


We provide theoretical insights and after each theme there will be a self-reflection moment (assessment) and/or a workshop for 2. You will be given a number of tools to take home with you that you can use in your day-to-day job. You will look in a different way at your team and how to better align your strategy. 


We start the training with a leadership assessment and 360° feedback. The training itself lasts 2 days. On the basis of examples and background theory, we work with exercises and reflection to create self-awareness of your current management style. The needs of each participant and the group as a whole will be taken into account.  This should lead to an increase in your self-confidence and competence in order to achieve your objectives.

What will you go home with?
Who am I as a leader? Where does my behaviour come from? How can I better communicate and listen to my team? What strategy, mission, vision do we use and does everyone know the strategy? Understanding the difference between being a leader or a manager. Which management styles exist?  Tips and tools on when to be a leader or a manager. Methodology to get a high performing team that is satisfied in their job. How to communicate as a leader (DO's and DON'Ts). How best to coach my team. Exchanging experiences of others. An action plan with a commitment. Better understanding of who I am and why I react like this to certain people. Social styles. Not a one-off focus, but a continuous process of which you have now built the first bricks!

This training is also possible in a 3 to 9-day trip abroad, where more in-depth attention is paid to everything.

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Are you ready to grow yourself and your business?

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