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team dynamics


Manager + team


1 dag

(totaal 8 uur)


Beter samenwerken elkaar dieper leren kennen, hoe vullen we elkaar aan, wat irriteert ons?

details of the training


Teams that work strongly together experience more happiness, better results and more motivation. Strong teams hang together and respect each other for being different. Instead of annoyance and frustration, we work on supplementation and challenge. Learning from each other and getting to know yourself better are central. Everyone's personality adds value to a team and it is precisely that difference that produces top results. 


- Who am I (thalento assessment or insights (colour analysis)
- How am I positioned in the group?
- Who complements me, who can I learn from?
- Which teams fit best together?


- Knowing yourself
- Getting to know the other better
- Applying core quadrants by Ofman, individually and in pairs
- Appreciative inquiry

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