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Who is our customer? 

LiBeau is the business of Liesbeth Jacobs from Zonhoven. For more than 20 years, Liesbeth has combined physical therapy, beauty care, Pilates, dietary advice and personal training in her own practice with great enthusiasm. Like a real chameleon, Liesbeth can empathise with the needs of her patients and adapts her approach to them. Liesbeth is described by others as a social and sensitive person who is always ready to listen and who knows how to get things done. More information about LiBeau's full range of services can be found at

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The needs of the customer

Since Corona, the world has suddenly become more digital very quickly. And companies have to adapt to this more and more. That's why Liesbeth wanted a completely new website for LiBeau, where it is possible to offer online Pilates classes through an online learning platform. She wanted to come out strongly with a new website, a new logo and a new house style. 


For the logo, it was decided to work with a dragonfly. The symbolic meaning of the dragonfly is change. The dragonfly carries the wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life. As colours we chose soft pink and grey tones, which perfectly fit Liesbeth. This style was also used on the website. Liesbeth's complete range is presented in a clear manner. Through SEO, the website of LiBeau can easily be found on Google. 


Not only on the website, but also on the social media channels of LiBeau the branding is continued in a nice and consistent way so that recognition is created among the people. The various topics were translated into strong content on social media so that it is immediately clear to everyone who LiBeau is and what she offers. 

Key achievements in a row

  • Setting up a website with access to an online learning platform 

  • Branding: designing a logo and brand guide 

  • Social media take over


" Top cooperation, immediately sensing which direction I wanted to go, active listening and immediate action, when problems arise, immediately looking for solutions so that everything runs smoothly, targeted search for the right ideas, recommended, smooth and sensitive in dealing (entire team), ...."

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