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What is Canva? 

Canva is an online graphic design platform where you can design flyers, business cards, logos, presentations, social media posts and more, presentations, social media posts and so on.

Canva offers users the possibility to easily and quickly transform any idea into powerful and stunning designs. In short: with Canva, anyone can create professional designs.

Canva is free. But you can also choose to purchase a Canva Pro account. This gives you access to an unlimited range of templates, elements, images and music. There are also additional features available such as, magic resize and background remover.

canva designer in 20 days

Do you feel that your social media does not always look good?  Do you sometimes lack inspiration and time?  And do you know how important look & feel is? Your images do not radiate what you want and what you want to say. Or do you spend a considerable budget on marketing agencies? Would you like to save these costs?
Then join us in 'Creative Canva Designer in 20 days'.

Canva cursus voor beginners - The Art of Growing
Canva for starters (NL)

Learn how to make your own fantastic designs in 20 days. This course is designed for beginners who have never worked with Canva before. 

Canva cursus voor gevorderden - The Art of Growing
Canva for the advanced (NL)

In 20 days we will teach you how to create impressive designs with Canva Pro. Please note that you need a Canva Pro subscription for this course.

Canva training at the office

Do you prefer a one-to-one training at our office? In half a day we will teach you everything Canva has to offer. You can choose between a training for beginners or for advanced users. 

Training for starters: 

- How Canva works: Introduction programme.
- Why Canva: Examples to show what is possible.
- Creative minds at work: Get to work directly and apply it to your business.

Training for the advanced users: 

- Create very cool and creative designs, videos, presentations, stories, etc. in Canva. 
- Creative minds at work: Get started right away and apply it to your business.

- Here we go deeper into more specific features available in Canva. 

Want a little preview? Download our free e-book here

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Are you ready to grow yourself and your business?

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