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charismatic leadership

As a leader, would you like to increase your influence, prestige and ability to inspire? Would you like to handle complaints better, avoid arguments and keep relationships more enjoyable? Would you like to make new friends smoothly and without problems? Then this article may be of interest to you.

Every human being has a number of needs: good health, sleep, food, money, sex and you name it. But the greatest desire is the desire to matter and to feel important. The yearning for appreciation. Or as Freud calls it, "the desire for greatness."

Charismatic leadership is about the leader's personal conviction and charm. It's based on the leader's personal qualities and their recognition by his followers. Charismatic leaders are tremendously driven and show exceptional dedication to their field. They have a clear vision and can also inspire many people with it. But how do you become such a charismatic leader? Here are 5 tips to make you a charismatic leader.

Show genuine interest in others.

Be an attentive listener and ask many questions when you are in conversation with someone. Talk about things that hold the interest of your interlocutor.

Force yourself to smile every day.

Acting and feeling go hand in hand. Therefore, behave as if you are happy every day. Behaving and speaking yourself cheerfully is the best way to become it effectively. Every person on earth seeks happiness, and there is 1 foolproof way to find it. That way consists of controlling your thoughts. Happiness does not depend on outer circumstances, it depends on your inner state. So check your own thoughts. Your way of thinking determines your happiness.

Always know people by name.

Someone's name is the most important and sweetest sound for that person. Therefore, call the person's name regularly during a conversation. It generates a kind of trust.

Show compassion and understanding for the other person's thoughts and desires.

Each person wants to feel heard. Build a relationship and find out what that person is interested in. Show that you understand the other person's point of view and respect their way of thinking.

Make the other person feel important and be sincere (no flattery).

Every person wants to feel like they are important. During the conversation, make the other person feel like he is actually important. Be sincere in your comments. Show your sincere appreciation for the other person.

As a charismatic leader, you also want to inspire and convince as many people as possible of your ideas. That is why we give you 10 little tips on how to convince someone of your point of view.

  1. There is no way to win an argument. You are only hurting the other person's pride.

  2. Be happy with a difference of opinion.

  3. If you are wrong, admit it.

  4. Handle arguments and misunderstandings in a friendly manner.

  5. Make sure your interlocutor agrees with your words from the beginning.

  6. Let the other person take the lion's share of the conversation.

  7. Let the other person think that the idea is his own.

  8. Sincerely try to see things from the other person's point of view.

  9. Show compassion and understanding for the other person's thinking.

  10. Ask about the other person's feelings.

By applying these tips, you will find that your conversations will run more smoothly and you can inspire and convince people more easily.

As a manager it is also important to give feedback in a positive way and to deal with your employees. We would also like to give you a few tips on this:

  1. Start talking about your own mistakes or work points before criticizing the other person.

  2. Ask your employee questions instead of handing out orders.

  3. Praise every improvement made by your employee, even the smallest one.

  4. Encourage your employee. Create the impression that the mistake is easy to correct.

  5. Make sure the employee enjoys doing what you suggest.

These were a lot of tips that can help you make yourself a charismatic leader. Good luck with it!



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