Social media scan

During the social media scan, a thorough analysis is made of your social media channels. We start by looking at the channels you currently use. We evaluate these channels and then look at how they can be optimised. We also look at the channels you might use in the future and how you can optimise them. 

Our evaluation is thoroughly described in an analysis report that we draw up for you. We give you personal social media advice and give you tips & tricks that you can apply in the future. It is important that you build up a bond with your target audience and that your followers become potential new customers. We are happy to guide you in this as well. The entire analysis report will be discussed with you personally (online or physically in our office). 

Social Media scan of your current channels

Detailed analysis report with DO's & DON'Ts tips & tricks for the future 

A personal coaching session (1 to 2 hours) in which we go over the report and give you personal advice 

Together we'll make 4 social media posts and an example Instagram grid

In this formula, you create your own content and manage your own social media channels. Would you like us to help you with this? Then be sure to check out our Social Media Content formula. 


Growth plan in 6 steps

In 6 steps (days) we make up your growth plan. Our purpose is to find the growth bottleneck.   By a combination of analysing sales and customer data, seeing people in the whole organisation, interactive workshops, market analyses and much more.  We guarantee results when implementing our growth plan. 


Could your logo use an update? Or would you like to start from scratch with a new logo? We got you! We'll make a brand guide for you with your logo, how you can implement it on social media, your corporate colours, your fonts and some mock-ups. We teach you how to use your corporate identity. Because a brand is more than just a logo. 

Social Media Scan

During the social media scan we evaluate your social media channels. We make an extensive analysis report of this. Which social media channels are you currently using? Which channels could you still use? How can you take your social media to a higher level? In the analysis report, we also provide tips & tricks so you can get started yourself. 

We take care of your social media

Is social media not quite your thing and would you like us to take it over from you? No problem! This step is optional. Feel free to ask us for more information. 

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