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social media training

target group



1 day

(total of 8 hours)


Learning how to work with all social media channels, and how to sell.

details of the training


It is impossible to imagine life without social media.On average, Belgians spend 30 minutes a day on social media. There is no choice but to be actively present. But there are so many different channels, which channels do I use for which communication, which means do I use and which budgets do I spend on advertising? In which format?  


After this training, you will know what is important on which channel and what to pay attention to. You know how to best use Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin and how to attract the right followers, both in the organic and the paid way (ads). 


A short list
- Explanation of all important channels
- What to pay attention to, what to improve, ...
- Advertising how this works - setting it up together
- Email marketing - how to make a good newsletter
- After all knowledge of all channels - setting up a communication strategy/plan for your own company 

What have I learned as a participant when I walked out of the training or when I finish the webinar? 

- Using Facebook channels correctly
- Instagram grid formatting - learn how to use reels (videos)
- LinkedIN - expand your professional network, how?
- Learn to make statistics, use them and translate them into a change in your strategy
- Email Marketing / automated marketing (short)
- Draw up a communication strategy for your own company

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Are you ready to grow yourself and your business?

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