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strategical selling

target group

- External sales
- Account managers



1 day

(total of 8 hours)


Political structure mapping and upselling in complex structures (DMU) and multinationals.

details of the training


It is a one-day learning programme. The intention is that you will gain more insight into the complex structures of multinationals. This automatically leads to growth. 


We provide theoretical insights and after each theme you have time to prepare and practise what you have learned. You will be given a number of tools to take home with you that you can use in your daily job. You will look in a different way at your more complex customers and be more successful in exploring them in depth.



The training itself lasts one day. You are asked to prepare for it by e-mail. On the basis of examples and background theory we will work with exercises and reflection. The needs of each participant and the whole group will be taken into account. This should lead to improve your understanding of complex political structures.


What will you go home with?

Tips and tools for selling strategically within complex structures.
Experience exchange from others.
An action plan with a commitment. 

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Are you ready to grow yourself and your business?

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