The art of leading - Business coach Zonhoven - The Art of Growing
The art of leading - Business coach Zonhoven - The Art of Growing
The art of leading - Business coach Zonhoven - The Art of Growing


If you believe in authentic leadership and you know that this leads to a higher involvement of employees and therefore also to successful teams and then growth €€ then read on.  

From our expertise we notice that the LQ (Love quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient) have a strong impact on the effectiveness of leadership.

This effectiveness has, among other things, a direct impact on the well-being and retention of employees, company results and company image (branding).

In the war for talent is your way of working as a leader the way to make a difference.  

The good news is that eveybody can learn and adopt new skills to grow in this challenge and let that be our purpose (the art of growing).  

Will it be easy?  No, some things yes, other things need to be practiced over and over again.  But we provide concrete tips & tricks, useful HR tools and so much more.  Results are seen in less than 3 months.

About you as a person (2 days)

it's a lifechanging proces to more personal and business power.  It's an intensive program where you get useful insights and mental challenges:  

  •    find out (assessment) and become who you really are

  •    an internal journey to yourself 

  •    develop a stronger mindset

  •    react to fear and resistance

  •    navigate yourself towards growth

Some people in society work through their natural flow and realise amazing objectives.  They enjoy a higher form of success and are mentally and emotionally in balance.  
From their natural way of living and leading are they a role model for their environment.


About you as a leader (skill development 3 days)

By an interactive learning methode we coach you to a higher level of leadership.   You will remember and use this training at home, work, everywhere as you become the better person of yourself.

People, business and life will change afterwards in a positive way


Subscribe fast, only small groups area alowed so we can guarantee a maximum impact!

For Who? 

 business entrepreneurs & leaders

open to work on yourself

open to be more self consciousness 

open to develop leadership skills


- 5 training days in 3 months

- follow up for 3 months