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If you believe in authentic selling with a strong passion and you know that this leads to more satisfied customers, less attrition of customers, more sales growth and a happier fulfilled team of employees then read on.  

From our expertise we notice that self consciousness, vitality and passion  have a strong impact on the effectiveness of sales.  


This effectiveness & joy in sales has a direct impact on the well-being and retention of people, company results and company branding.  


This has to be accompanied by a strong sales  strategy with a motivated and well recognized team.  

We coach you to a higher level of selling.   

The art of selling is for entrepreneurs and sales people who:

  • want to learn more about themselves   

  • want to overcome fear in cold calling and networking

  • want more assertiveness and self-confidence;

  • want to learn active listening techniques

  • want to learn tips & tricks 

  • want to achieve their targets;

  • be open to learn and invest in themselves;

  • be motivated to work more efficiently;

  • want to build a long-term customer relationship


Do you say yes to the above things?


What can you expect from the program?


  • You get to know yourself better (do an assessment in advance)     

  • You get more confidence

  • You learn to prepare your own sales strategy

  • You select the right leads with the highest conversion

  • You learn the ideal structure of a sales meeting

  • You can convince stronger and close the deal faster

  • You learn to sell to key accounts

  • You give less quick a discount

  • You learn to negotiate

  • You achieve a higher conversion ratio


Selling is fun and the heart of you organization

For Who? 

business entrepreneurs & sales leaders, sales reps

open to work on yourself

open to be more self consciousness 

open to develop s€lling skills

What  ? 

Module 1: Mindset & Psychologie (Who am I as as sales person?)  1 day

Module 2: The process of selling 2 days

Module 3: The Art of Closing 1 day

Module 4: Make fans from your existing customers 1 day

Module 5: Selling in complex structures (multinationals) 1 day

Module 6: Coach the coach (sales manager) 1 day



Wijerstraat 7, 3520 Zonhoven

Please note: there are only a limited number of places available!