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Who doesn't sometimes procrastinate... why do we do this? What types of procrastination exist? What can we do about it?

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The training is about procrastination and what types there are. With exercises, you find out who you are. But above all, what can you do about it? Procrastination is postponing tasks that one actually wants or has to do and where one knows that the postponement is probably not good and will lead to difficulties or extra stress. That is why it is sometimes called irrational procrastination. The term procrastination, derived from the English procrastination, is used as a professional term.


You will learn what type of procrastinator you are, what consequences this has for your environment, where it comes from and what you can do about it.
Just do it mentality!


A short summary
- What is it?
- What consequences does it have?
- What types are there?
- What should I do about it?

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Are you ready to grow yourself and your business?

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