van de velde

Who is our customer? 

Van de Velde is a company that offers its clients unblocking, camera sewer inspections, construction and renovation of sewers, odour problems, leakage tracing and various clearing activities. Today, not only the approach but also the high-tech range of tools is of such a high level that the most renowned companies belong to the Van de Velde customer portfolio. The Van de Velde group also includes the companies 't Ruimerke, Paul Verschueren and Leak-Detect. 


The needs of the customer

Like many other companies, Van de Velde is experiencing a staff shortage. There are still many vacancies at Van de Velde, 't Ruimerke, Paul Verschueren and Leak-Detect. In 2021/2022 it is not so easy to find motivated personnel. There is an incredible supply of jobs on the labour market at the moment and good employees are in great demand. That is why Van de Velde called in the help of The Art of Growing to draw up a recruitment strategy. 


The Art of Growing set to work for Van de Velde by drawing up a plan to recruit as many staff as possible. This was done on the basis of: 
- Advertisements on social media 
- Posts on the channels of the companies 
- Posts on job sites 

- The design of eye-catching banners and recruitment banners 

Not only posting the vacancies, but also reflecting the atmosphere on the shop floor and the collegiality is very important in the search for new, motivated employees. Because recruiting employees is one thing, but keeping them motivated is another. Here too, social media can be an enormous aid. People like to see what happens behind the scenes and what atmosphere prevails in the company. 

Key achievements in a row

  • Advice: recruitment strategy and communication advice

  • Drawing up and implementing a marketing plan 

  • Communication to customers

    • Setting up social media channels

    • Taking care of social media for all companies

    • Videos to recruit staff (Video, Reels, etc.) 

    • Drawing up job advertisements

    • Setting up advertising campaigns for the recruitment process

  • Branding 

    • Creation of colouring book as a gadget for the recruitment process

    • Design of banners for recruitment along the road

    • Designing a sign for the company

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