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(total of 8 hours)


What makes someone vital and fit? How can you work towards this work towards? What is important? Question yourself, your life, your environment and your work pressure and rearrange some things in order to experience experience happiness and balance again.

details of the training


Many entrepreneurs and employees find it difficult to disconnect. They come home in the evening thinking only of their work. They have difficulty focusing on their family/partner and wander off. They also often wake up at night and start worrying. Help I want peace in my head and experience more happiness and balance!


- What is vitality? How do you lead a vital life?
- What does stress do to my body, feelings and mind?
- What is my real goal in life and work and how do I try to realise this?
- What fears do I have and how do I deal with them?


- Course on vitality with exercises for each part
- Theory, questions and exercises will help you get to the essence of the matter
- An action plan with a timeline will be made to bring change to your life
- Exercises will also be taught to find more peace of mind, as well as many tips & tricks
- Everyone will also be able to share their experiences

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Are you ready to grow yourself and your business?

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