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Meet The Team

Our growth artists


Groeicoach - Business mentor

"My purpose in life is to generate impact and transformation, helping people to grow personally and prosper in their business."

Founder of The Art of Growing. 



Creative communicator

"I love helping you create more visibility online and offline through punchy designs and a powerful corporate identity."

our partners

our office

Want to rent our office in Zonhoven as a training facility?
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A few of our
growth clients
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Sustainable development goals

We work everyday for a better planet
Business Coach Zonhoven - The Art of Growing

3. In our one to one coaching and trainings, we guide people to live & eat healthier, and do more sports.  Advise,  healthy cooking workshops, trainings will give you more vitality in life and energy.  As a results people lost weight, feel happier and are more in balance.

5. Gender Equality - In every advise, workshop, training women and men are treated the same.  

8. In our growth advise plan we help companies bring out the best so they can grow their business in a sustainable way  and hire the right people.  We give leadership trainings to high end managers and entrepreneurs so they can treat and motivate employees in the best way possible.

9. Innovation comes back in the strategy workshops - how can we innovate make our products better, and have more recycling opportunities.  (Circular economy)

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