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growth strategy & advice

Growth of a business depends on several factors. Growth means not only growth in revenue or margin, but also personal growth of employees and becoming stronger as an entrepreneur.

We do a thorough analysis of the current situation: turnover, margin/service or product, your price setting, your customer base, your current team, your current market, ... and of course yourself as an entrepreneur.

In 6 steps, we draw up your growth plan.   


We guarantee results when implementing our growth plan.

How? By coaching people, training them and monitoring results. We stay present until we get results, we give advice as if it were our own company. 


Are you ready for the next step in your organization?  We are here for you! 

Strong together, every top athlete has a coach on the sidelines. So why not a top entrepreneur?


Do you recognise yourself in these situations?

Personal struggles: 

"I don't have anyone I can really tell everything to and I want to make sure I'm making the right decisions."

"I want more than work. I want to live again and enjoy the moment."

"My father used to have a performance-based relationship with me, he did his best, but I would like to have a deeper connection with my family."

"I have a big void inside that I can't fill with my fantastic lifestyle".

"I feel drained and tired, I never get any rest, even sports don't help anymore".


Business related struggles: 

"I want to focus more on innovative products and services and then bring them to market with maximum effect."

"I have difficulty maintaining my staff. It is already difficult to find employees who fit into the company, and once you have found them you have to keep them. This requires a good and clear HR policy that is aligned with my business."

“I want to grow my business and need a good sales and communication strategy.”

“I need targets and a follow up system.  I have problems finding the right sales people and organising my work.”

We can help you with coaching and growth advice.

 2. Obtain financial freedom through a sound plan.

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1. Making your dreams come true.  Building a more vital & meaningful life.

3. Strategy & Innovation: Mission, vision, core values & culture, bringing strategy to execution (SWOT, business model canvas,...)

4. Marketing plan: Ansoff matrix 'growth matrix', determine customers and market segments

6. Communication plan: What channels (online/offline) do we best deploy to acquire more customers and increase brand awareness.  (employer and company branding) 

5. Sales plan: deepen existing customers, create new ones and approach lost ones back

successfull cases

Leonie Willemsen
- Slagerij de laet

"Veroniek's incisive questions gave me the insights I needed and which I was also able to work with immediately."

Blaadjes achtergrond_edited.jpg

"Incredibly punishing how quickly they can accentuate the strengths and weaknesses of person and company and also immediately link the right strategy to this."

Blaadjes achtergrond_edited.jpg

"I found it blissful to brainstorm for ideas and after each session from the energetic Veroniek, I felt totally recharged, ready to fly back into it."

niels dendas
- frans-roger

robin nijns
- wekonnekt

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