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Curious to know who our customers are and what they thought of working with The Art of Growing? On this page we have collected a number of cases. Feel free to

contact us if you have any questions about a particular case. 


2 Decorate.png

2 decorate

The reasons for the cooperation between 2 decorate and The Art of Growing were:


  • The growing demand for online visibility

  • The need for a strategic communication plan

  • To get more inflow of customers

  • To be guided in the growth of her company

Liesl also wanted to increase her knowledge by following a tailor-made training in sales, in order to boost the sales and growth of 2 Decorate.

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Hendrik wanted a solid growth plan to channel all his ideas and energy so he can have more time for his family. The Art of Growing is not a classical agency but takes into account the time schedule of the entrepreneur, his dreams and what gives him energy. Together, we drew up a growth plan that offers direction and focus for the coming years. A clear vision, strategy, branding and sales plan bring the right mental peace and focus to make something beautiful out of it.  

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familie buitenfitness.jpg

Distillery massy

Due to the rapid growth of the company, Massy contacted The Art of Growing for growth advice. We drew up a growth plan in 6 steps. We mainly focused on the last 3 steps, namely drafting a marketing, communication and sales plan.



More about this case. 


GR5 is a new concept. In order to get clarity on how we were going to approach the market, it was decided to collaborate with The Art of Growing. For Els, it was very important that we could communicate her message and new concept as simply as possible. With her concept she wants to reach as many people as possible in order to share knowledge and help everyone with their personal and professional growth.


More about this case.  

wepsite mockup 2.jpg

immo idylia

Immo Idylia wants to change the fee on the sale of its real estate projects. Therefore, they need to clearly communicate their added value and play out their USPs (unique selling points) on the market. On the sales side, Immo Idylia would like to have a different approach. It is a tough competition and the right techniques are going to make sure that the deal is done or not.


More about this case. 

jova construct

In order to keep up with increasing customer demand, there was a need to recruit new employees. Furthermore, the online visibility had to be improved in order to attract the right customers, generate more brand awareness and communicate the services of Jova to the right audience. 

More about this case.  


karma koma

Lien's dream was to open a second shop. However, she did not know where and how to go about it. She needed a sparring partner to turn her dreams and ideas into a concrete growth plan. She therefore called in the help of The Art of Growing. 

More about this case. 


Pieter Feys from Canary wanted a clear perspective for the future of his company. He also had a number of open sales positions. He called in the help of The Art of Growing. 

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Niels was very keen to draw up a clear growth plan to enable Frans-Roger to boom. However, he did not know how to start such a concrete plan. He enlisted the help of The Art of Growing as a sparring partner to help him grow his business and arrange a takeover. 


More about this case.  

5 nov 21.png


Robin wanted to grow his business and needed a sparring partner to look at the possibilities together. He therefore called on The Art of Growing to put together and implement a concrete, tailor-made growth plan. 

More about this case. 


Altrio has a management team of 8 and another middle management team that coaches the nursing staff. Due to its very strong growth, the company is experiencing growing pains. Nurses quickly progress to region coach and then to province coordinator, which brings the necessary challenges. Entrepreneur Jochem is in with his team and wanted leadership training tailored to his people. He therefore called in the help of The Art of Growing. 

More about this case.  

mockup instagram.jpg

dierenartsen-praktijk de vroey

Like many companies in 2021, the De Vroey veterinary practice had a staff shortage.  And finding good employees is not so easy these days, especially when you have a busy business to run. That is why Anneleen called in the help of The Art of Growing. 

More about this case. 

eau la la
baby spa

In order to get her baby spa off to a good start and create more visibility online, Marleen enlisted the help of The Art of Growing. Marleen wanted to actively promote her business on social media in order to attract more customers. 

More about this case.  

Mockup Libeau.png


Since Corona, the world has suddenly become more digital very quickly. And companies have to adapt to this more and more. That's why Liesbeth wanted a completely new website for LiBeau, where it is possible to offer online Pilates classes through an online learning platform. She wanted to come out strongly with a new website, a new logo and a new house style. 

More about this case. 

peggy - tupperware

Peggy Blockx noticed that it is becoming increasingly important to be visible online and to present the products that you offer. Because she was not very familiar with the latest trends in social media, she needed a tailor-made social media training where all her questions could be dealt with personally. She enlisted the help of The Art of Growing. 

More about this case.  

Logo Blockx zwart - transparant.png

sam bellers

Sam works enormous hours himself and currently works with 2 subcontracted freelancers. Sam is someone who works very precisely and always wants to dot the i's and cross the t's. Everything has to be beautiful and perfect. Everything has to be finished beautifully and perfectly. After being self-employed for two years, he noticed that he was constantly working both during the day and in the evenings, and did not have enough money left over. In order to work more effectively and have more money left over, he called in the help of The Art of Growing for a tailor-made growth plan. 

More about this case. 


A while back, Lemonade welcomed a new employee: Lotte. Lotte mainly needed sales, marketing and communication coaching. On the other hand, they had to recruit 15 software developers in Barcelona by 2021. For this, they called in the help of The Art of Growing. 

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Mockup infographic- lemonade.jpg


Rob Creemers of CTESO had some difficulties in recent years in managing his stress and finding and maintaining a good work-life balance. That is why he called in the help of The Art of Growing. 

More about this case. 

bart hendrickx (hbv)

Bart needed a clear strategy to get started with his one-man business. He was not visible online yet, so here too he needed a concrete communication plan that would take care of everything in terms of social media and everything that comes with it. He therefore called in the help of The Art of Growing. 

More about this case.  

bart facebook 3.png


Jochen Duyck of Clarflok progressed from a business development position to a sales management position. From colleague to manager or team coach. He needed one-to-one coaching to sharpen his leadership skills and therefore called on The Art of Growing. 

More about this case. 

vvs nv

VVS needed a clear marketing and sales plan. The team also needed training so that they could implement new insights into their business and thus increase their turnover. 

More about this case.  

Foto-team stijn leroi.jpg

stijn leroi -
kbc verzekeringen

Stijn Leroi wanted to exchange ideas and visions with other entrepreneurs and learn new things that he could implement in his own business. 

More about this case. 

Leonie Willemsen (slagerij de laet)

Leonie Willemsen of Slagerij De Laet needed new ideas and insights that she could implement in her business. 

More about this case.  

testimonial van Leonie Willemsen


Kim, manager of Climatrix, needed personal guidance to come to new insights which she could implement in her company. She wanted a clear strategy for the long term and more peace in her head as an entrepreneur. That is why she called in the help of The Art of Growing. 

More about this case. 


Steven Verbruggen, manager of AdSomeNoise, wanted to grow his business. He needed one-to-one and team coaching sessions to facilitate the growth of his business. 

More about this case.  

AdSomeNoise 15.jpg
koen evers the art of growing.jpg

(koen evers)

Koen Evers of Befrako needed one-on-one coaching sessions to support his personal growth trajectory. The Befrako team could also use some support. 

More about this case. 


In order to facilitate Herco's growth, Steven Corthouts needed a coaching programme. Both for him as an entrepreneur and for his team. 

More about this case.  


davy de ceuster 
(de ceuster)

Davy De Ceuster, Managing Director of De Ceuster, needed new insights and tips & tricks to sharpen his leadership skills and learn to manage his team better. That is why he called in the help of The Art of Growing. 

More about this case. 


Roel Paesmans of Fruitsnacks contacted The Art of Growing.  They needed a clear sales plan to facilitate the growth of the company. 

More about this case.  



Nathalie Leys of Domica wanted to grow. Not only as an entrepreneur, but also as a person. That is why she called in the help of The Art of Growing. 

More about this case. 


During a nice networking event at Artemis, she asked me to create a sales plan to help her grow her business. The idea was to approach accountants who could use help in the preparatory work, as well as SMEs who could use some admin support.

More about this case.  

Quotes klanten.png
Arnout Raskin (1).png

arnout raskin

For his start-up company, Arnout wanted a new website where his customers could easily book a one-to-one appointment. He also wanted to increase his visibility on social media. For this, he called in the help of The Art of Growing. 

More about this case. 

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