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Who is our customer? 

Herco is a stainless steel and metal company in Houthalen near Genk with a flexible, young and open mind that will handle your project from A to Z with care. With a lot of experience and useful tips, they help you to achieve a beautiful result. They play with materials, products and space, without compromising the functionality and looks of your interior. On the contrary, their interior designer likes to listen to your taste and style.

Steven Corthout.jpg

The needs of the customer

In order to facilitate Herco's growth, Steven Corthouts needed a coaching programme. Both for him as an entrepreneur and for his team. 


Veroniek coached the Herco team for a year, giving them new insights to work with. In this way, both Steven as an entrepreneur and Herco's entire team have grown. 

Key achievements in a row

  • Coaching process for Steven and his team to facilitate the growth of his business 


"I can say that the collaboration with Veroniek  is a very successful project within our company. Because of the enthusiasm,  she takes the entire team to a higher level."

"She never gives thoughtless advice, which means that the level of discussion is very high and she also raises those involved (without realizing this) to a higher level."

"We have a one-year trajectory with her, this ensures that everyone involved with it has to work with it throughout the year, so that you can see the evolution here on a monthly basis. We will certainly go for a follow-up process with her, thanks Veroniek."

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