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immo idylia

Who is our customer? 

Immo Idylia lets people live happily, really let them come home and take care of them in their search for the house of their dreams. That is from day one the starting point of every project and for every customer at Immo Idylia. How do they make this happen? By offering their customers a complete tailor-made service. The real estate office does not only offer a sophisticated and unique selection of properties for sale and rent, but also develops affordable, small-scale residential concepts, each of which is a clever mix of strong architecture and living comfort.  You can find more information on the website:


The needs of the customer

Immo Idylia wants to change the fee on the sale of its real estate projects. Therefore, they need to clearly communicate their added value and play out their USPs (unique selling points) on the market. On the sales side, Immo Idylia would like to have a different approach. It is a tough competition and the right techniques are going to make sure that the deal is done or not.


The Art of Growing is convinced that through fresh insights Immo Idylia will grow personally as well as in return, turnover and margin & will have a direct competitive market advantage. We analyse, think along with the client, hold up a mirror to them and come to an advisory plan that we help implement.


We will clearly communicate the "Why,How,What" and make it visible on all channels. Happy living, the values & culture, will contribute to the storytelling online. For this, we drew up a Marketing & Communication strategy including a content calendar. In order to overcome the tough competition on the sales front, we put together a training course. 

There was also a demand for leadership training to retain, motivate and challenge the existing staff. 

Key achievements in a row

  • Leadership coaching

  • Draw up and implement a marketing plan

  • Draw up and implement a communication plan

    • Creating social media templates via Canva

    • Infographics for clients

    • Coaching for the creation of Reels

    • Creation of vacancies

  • Branding 

    • Employer branding: Making team photos

    • Refresh the existing brochures and give them a new look and feel 

    • New design for project boards along the road

    • Design of banners for the construction site

    • Creation of name cards

  • Choosing to be supported by The Art of Growing will lead to

    • More brand awareness

    • Motivated staff that can deliver maximum output

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