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de ceuster

Who is our customer? 

De Ceuster is the exclusive importer of the Italian construction and tower crane brand Gru Dalbe, a manufacturer of construction equipment and a supplier to construction sites. More information about De Ceuster can be found on the website


The needs of the customer

Davy De Ceuster, Managing Director of De Ceuster, needed new insights and tips & tricks to sharpen his leadership skills and learn to manage his team better. That is why he called in the help of The Art of Growing. 


Veroniek gave Davy leadership coaching so that he could learn how to manage his team better and, in doing so, grow his business. 

Key achievements in a row

  • Leadership training 

    • Learning to manage a team better 

    • Promoting personal development of Davy 


"I started working with Veroniek to be actively trained in my leadership skills. I received specific tips & tricks and I was able to apply them immediately. It was not always simple but very useful."


"The training / coaching has given me a lot of insights into myself and how I interact with my team. This way I can further develop the desired professionalization of my organization. We are going to continue the process because I am convinced that this will promote my personal development."

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