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Who is our customer? 

Climatrix gives advice on sustainable systems for floor, wall and ceiling heating to private individuals, architects, engineering firms, interior designers and installation companies. They supply their materials and services only to the installation companies.

With their team of specialists and partners, they always create the most innovative applications when designing healthy and energy-efficient solutions for their end customers.


Our reliable partnership is characterised by a high degree of flexibility, an optimal price-quality ratio and a customer-oriented approach that goes to great lengths to provide customers with practical support through comprehensive installation plans and their own installation service.


The needs of the customer

Kim, manager of Climatrix, needed personal guidance to come to new insights which she could implement in her company. She wanted a clear strategy for the long term and more peace in her head as an entrepreneur. That is why she called in the help of The Art of Growing. 


Through one-on-one coaching, Kim was able to draw up a clear strategy plan for the future. This was done on the basis of 6 steps. We started with Kim as an entrepreneur. Who is she? What are her dreams? What would she still like to achieve? Once we had a complete and clear picture of Kim, we could move on to the next step, where an analysis was made of the financial data, customer feedback, etc. ... . On the basis of this information, a strategy plan was drawn up. 

Key achievements in a row

  • Drawing up and implementing a strategy plan for the future 

  • Gaining new insights for her company 

  • More peace in her mind 

  • More energy to do business again


"Thanks to our one-on-one conversations, I have come to new insights that will help the long-term strategy of my company. It is necessary to reflect on this in order to regain that helicopter view and not to lose sight of the goal. It gives more peace in my head, which in turn promotes entrepreneurship. The energy is back, thank you very much!"

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