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Who is our customer? 

VVSnv - Verkeers- & VeiligheidsSignalisatie, offers the most complete range on the market and is a leading, one-stop-shop for the design of public spaces.  The range includes signage, street furniture, safety equipment and accessories. VVSnv distributes various A-brands and also manufactures its own products. Thanks to years of expertise, the VVS team provides excellent service, placement and support. By responding to innovations and digitalisation, VVSnv demonstrates that the sector of signposting and the organisation of public spaces has enormous growth potential. You can find more information on


The needs of the customer

VVS needed a clear marketing and sales plan. The team also needed training so that they could implement new insights into their business and thus increase their turnover. 


Veroniek started by analysing VVS's financial data, the competition and customer feedback. Based on this analysis, a marketing and sales plan was drawn up. In addition, the VVS team received hands-on training. 

Key achievements in a row

  • Drawing up and implementing marketing and sales plans 

  • Team coaching 

  • Result: increase in turnover


"Veroniek made a thorough analysis of our financial and sales data, our competition and customer feedback, which was the basis for a clear marketing and sales plan. We have hired additional sales people and our team has received hands-on training. By implementing the many insights into our top VVS team, we have experienced unprecedented growth of > 1 million in sales."

- Lieven 's Heeren, manager VVS nv


"The training offered the right balance between theoretical background and practical exercises. Moreover, Veroniek's experiences and insights gave the training an enormous added value. Veroniek is able to give you important insights. Her training was therefore a real added value for my professional and personal development."

- Kris Bosmans, Change Manager, VVS nv

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