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karma koma

Who is our customer? 

A few years ago, Lien decided to open a shop in Leuven called Karma Koma. Karma Koma is a Corsican brand that she was the first to start selling in Belgium. It's a clothing and accessory brand that emphasizes being a woman. More information about Karma Koma can be found on the website

Lien Karma Koma.jpg

The needs of the customer

Lien's dream was to open a second shop. However, she did not know where and how to go about it. She needed a sparring partner to turn her dreams and ideas into a concrete growth plan. She therefore called in the help of The Art of Growing. 


A concrete growth plan was drawn up for Lien in which 6 steps to growth were implemented. The first step was based on Lien as an entrepreneur. What are the issues that she herself is still struggling with? Next, a financial analysis was made of the contracts currently running with Karma Koma in Corsica. During this analysis, Lien came to certain insights and we started negotiating in order to obtain better rates. Through this action, Lien saved €20,000. 

After the financial analysis, a concrete marketing, sales and communication plan was drawn up to facilitate Karma Koma's growth. To determine the location of the second shop, we conducted a market survey and came to the conclusion that Knokke, Ghent or Antwerp were the best locations for Lien. And good news, because in 2022 the second Karma Koma shop will open in Ghent! 

Key achievements in a row

  • Concrete growth plan drawn up 

  • Savings realised by reviewing contracts and the webshop 

  • Additional turnover generated 


"As an entrepreneur, especially when you run the business alone, you sometimes lose your broader perspective. You are in the middle of it all, but can no longer make out the bigger picture. The Art of Growing has been a great sounding board, pulling you back, aligning everything and helping you make decisions."

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