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Who is our customer? 

GR5 is a special place for coaches, trainers, experts, entrepreneurs and participants who want to make a leap forwards in their personal and professional lives with their hearts and from a firm commitment. It is a place where training, coaching and nature experience merge into a vibrant crucible of growth. Developing, connecting, growing, catching your breath, meeting others, innovating and building bridges are central here. Els is a psychotherapist and certified organisation coach. She looks back on years of experience in educating and training people in various organisations, such as at UCLL, better minds at work and TC-University in Rotterdam. Els' greatest passion is helping people grow, both personally and professionally. 

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The needs of the customer

GR5 is a new concept. In order to get clarity on how we were going to approach the market, we chose to collaborate with The Art of Growing. For Els, it was very important that we could communicate her message and new concept as simply as possible. With her concept she wants to reach as many people as possible in order to share knowledge and help everyone with their personal and professional growth. 


We started with a growth plan in which we drew up a concrete strategy with clear goals and a focus on targeted communication. In order to obtain better online visibility, we focus on digital communication and setting up a website. We are also looking at which partners GR5 can work with to launch its concept. 

Key achievements in a row

  • Growth advice and guidance

  • Marketing plan preparation and implementation 

  • Branding 

    • Creation of a logo and brand guide 

    • Creation of a website 



"Our cooperation was spot on. After a few hours of sparring together, the 'branding harvest' was phenomenally good: my content was immediately recognisable and usable in word and image."

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