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hbv bart hendrickx

Who is our customer? 

Bart Hendrickx will be happy to help you with the installation and maintenance of your boiler or heat pump. Bart used to run a large company with a whole team under him. At a certain point, he decided he wanted to continue on his own and started again with a one-man business, based in Paal. 

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The needs of the customer

Bart needed a clear strategy to get started with his one-man business. He was not visible online yet, so here too he needed a concrete communication plan that would take care of everything in terms of social media and everything that comes with it. He therefore called in the help of The Art of Growing. 


Based on one-on-one coaching sessions, a six-step strategy plan was drawn up for Bart. We ensured that Bart could go public with his own website and drew up a communication plan that was then implemented. We are currently taking care of Bart's online communication. He is now active on the Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin channels, where he posts content every week which he then shares in various Facebook groups in his area. By applying this strategy, he was soon fully booked. Currently, he notices that the work on his own is becoming a bit much and he is quietly looking for a new employee. 

Key achievements in a row

  • Drawing up a strategy plan in 6 steps

  • Draw up and implement a communication plan 

    • Setting up and managing social media channels 

    • Drawing up and implementing a content strategy

    • In short: taking care of everything in the field of social media.

  • Draw up a vacancy 


"I soon had a click with Veroniek; we were on the same wavelength. It was nice that her husband Marco specialised in figures and the financial aspect. This way we could quickly find out where things went wrong, because of my years of experience and the knowledge I had built up, I wanted to do too much."


"My new goal was mainly to work with a small team and especially with the clients themselves, that really made me happy. So what I had to do for myself was learn to say no, focus on fun projects and enjoy life. After 15 years of working day and night with bad results at the end, I finally realised, do what you are really good at and what you like to do! The result: A lot of free time for family and sports and the financial results are running smoothly. Tour de France for cycling fans, I'm coming."

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