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Who is our customer? 

Since a few years Niels Dendas is co-manager of the company Frans-Roger. Frans-Roger is the specialist in the supply, maintenance and overhaul of AC and DC motors in the industrial sector.  More information about Frans-Roger can be found on the website

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The needs of the customer

Niels was very keen to draw up a clear growth plan to enable Frans-Roger to boom. However, he did not know how to start such a concrete plan. He enlisted the help of The Art of Growing as a sparring partner to help him grow his business and arrange a takeover. 


Six steps to growth were implemented during the drafting of the plan. The starting point was Niels as entrepreneur. Who is he? What are his dreams? What can he still work on? After Niels was fully mapped out, the six steps to growth were gone through one by one and it turned out that attracting good staff was the biggest bottleneck for Niels. The fact that the company had just moved to Tessenderlo did not make it easy for Niels. Therefore, the focus was first on finding good and motivated staff. After all, a company can only grow and approach new markets when the organisation of the people is completely on point. In order to facilitate the growth of Frans-Roger, a marketing, sales and communication plan was drawn up. 

Key achievements in a row

  • Formulated a concrete growth plan 

  • Assisted in the search for suitable personnel 


"I loved brainstorming ideas and after each session with the energetic Veroniek, I felt completely recharged, ready to fly again."

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