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dierenarts de vroey

Who is our customer? 

Anneleen De Vroey, of the veterinary practice De Vroey, has 20 years of experience in the treatment of small pets and horses. For more than 15 years she is located in the centre of Zolder. Meanwhile, Anneleen's team has expanded. Together they want to give your pet the best treatment. Because your best friend is their biggest concern. More information about the practice can be found on the website

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The needs of the customer

Like many companies in 2021, the De Vroey veterinary practice had a staff shortage.  And finding good employees is not so easy these days, especially when you have a busy business to run. That is why Anneleen called in the help of The Art of Growing. 


The Art of Growing created an attractive vacancy for veterinary practice De Vroey, which was distributed through various channels, such as: 
- University of Ghent
- Different Facebook groups
- Social Media accounts of the practice 


Until now, veterinary practice De Vroey was only active on Facebook. We also created an Instagram page for the team where we started posting actively. Both on Facebook and Instagram a post now appears online every week. The content varies from informative facts to behind-the-scenes photos and fun posts to interact with the practice's followers. And the results are impressive: Anneleen soon found a strong veterinarian to join the team! 

Key achievements in a row

  • Drafting and implementing a recruitment strategy

  • Social media take over: 

    • Setting up an Instagram account 

    • Creating and planning content 

    • Creating a monthly analysis report with statistical data from the previous month 

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