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Who is our customer? 

A few years ago, Robin Nijns decided to become self-employed and founded his company WeKonnekt. WeKonnekt builds high-end home automation installations and takes care of customers through project management. This for both residential and special private projects. The biggest advantage of working with WeKonnekt? The customer has only one contact during the whole project, and that is Robin. He takes care of the customer from design to installation. More information about WeKonnekt can be found on the website


The needs of the customer

Robin wanted to grow his business and needed a sparring partner to look at the possibilities together. He therefore called on The Art of Growing to put together and implement a concrete, tailor-made growth plan. 


During the drafting of the growth plan, six steps were followed. The first step was Robin as entrepreneur. Who is he? What are his dreams? What would he still like to achieve? Based on this, the growth plan was further developed into a strategy, finance, marketing, sales and communication plan to facilitate the growth of WeKonnekt. 

Key achievements in a row

  • Formulated a concrete growth plan 

  • Helping with the online communication to the outside world


It is incredible how quickly they can highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a person and a company and immediately link the right strategy to these.

Veroniek is my ideal sparring partner for taking important and right decisions. An external confidant who looks over my shoulder, compliments me on the right choices and protects me from making wrong ones gives me a very pleasant feeling.

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