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Who is our customer? 

CTESO is specialised in developing and building high-end machines. They take care of the customer from the concept phase to the effective integration and start-up on site. The ambition of CTESO is to create an inspiring workplace where people passionate about technology can work on innovative projects. More information about CTESO can be found on the website


The needs of the customer

Rob Creemers of CTESO had some difficulties in recent years in managing his stress and finding and maintaining a good work-life balance. That is why he called in the help of The Art of Growing. 


A company can only grow when the entrepreneur himself feels good about himself and has found a good balance between his work and private life. That's why The Art of Growing started with one-on-one coaching sessions to create and maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

Key achievements in a row

  • Learning to manage stress 

  • Improving work-life balance 

  • Improving the general well-being of the entrepreneur 


"Growing a business involves many challenges and stress, which often has a negative impact on the work-life balance and the general health of the entrepreneur. Something that is often underestimated and that is generally assumed to be normal. A good sounding board and tips and tricks to keep a good work-life balance under control is very important. This is something that The Art of Growing has supported us in over the years. A healthy business starts with a healthy entrepreneur 😊."

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