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leonie willemsen - slagerij de laet

Who is our customer? 

Slagerij De Laet has only one goal: to amaze you with their wide range of delicious home-made meat products. From a delicious piece of meat to traditional charcuterie and (meat) salads to freshly prepared barbecue dishes and ready-made meals: they do everything to put a smile on your face. Craftsmanship, tradition and innovation are in their DNA. You can find more information on


The needs of the customer

Leonie Willemsen of Slagerij De Laet needed new ideas and insights that she could implement in her business. 


She signed up for 'The Art of Connecting'. The monthly network event of The Art of Growing. Once a month, a group of entrepreneurs come together to learn about a certain topic and exchange ideas with each other. The topics are very diverse, so that by the end of the year you have gathered new information on various subjects. In addition, Leonie has been along on a few occasions on our Unfold Trips for entrepreneurs at home and abroad, including to Vietnam and the Ardennes. 

Key achievements in a row

  • The Art of Connecting: a monthly meeting with a group of like-minded people 

  • Unfold Trips: developing yourself as a person and as an entrepreneur in a beautiful and peaceful setting at home and abroad

  • Gained new insights to take back to the butcher's shop 


"Veroniek's incisive questions gave me the insights I needed and which I could put to work immediately."

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