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Who is our customer? 

Living healthier by offering fruit at work is more than a mission for Fruitsnacks. It has become a way of life. The idea comes from Scandinavia, where people have been working on health at work for a long time. Fruit is an important factor in this. In 2006, Fruitsnacks was the first in Belgium to start delivering fruit at work.

Fruitsnacks wants to provide people at the office with a healthy and fresh snack week after week. Being born and raised in Haspengouw among fruit, it is important to us that everyone gets to know the added value of fruit. They firmly believe that fruit at work effectively helps you to feel more energetic and motivated and to build up greater resistance. This also reduces the risk of illness.


The needs of the customer

Roel Paesmans of Fruitsnacks contacted The Art of Growing.  They needed a clear sales plan to facilitate the growth of the company. 


Veroniek and Roel did a strategy exercise which resulted in a clear and solid sales and marketing plan. 

Key achievements in a row

  • Drawing up and implementing a sales and marketing plan 

  • Instilling the right growth mindset 


“We have contacted the art of growing, Veroniek to guide us in drawing up a solid sales plan that ensures our future business and growth of Fruitsnacks. The collaboration started in the beginning of Corona via video calls. The combination of strategy, market, sales insights and then the sales training have led to the right "growth" mindset and a direct result with "new" key accounts as a result. You achieve more with the right strategy, people and FOCUS.”​

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