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Who is our customer? 

AdSomeNoise is a digital agency that helps clients find their way in a connected world by integrating creativity, media and technology. 

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The needs of the customer

Steven Verbruggen, manager of AdSomeNoise, wanted to grow his business. He needed one-on-one coaching to facilitate the growth of his business. 


Veroniek gave the team of AdSomeNoise a sales training in order to gain new insights, ask more and better questions and follow up on the offers better. 

Key achievements in a row

  • Sales training

  • Continue to achieve targeted sales targets 


"Veroniek's sales training has made people more alert by asking better and more questions and following up on the offers made. The coaching afterwards ensures that we continue to achieve the sales targets in a targeted way, so that we don't miss out and keep the right focus. The growth has already started! We will continue the cooperation."

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