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Who is our customer? 

Massy, the oldest distillery in Limburg, is located at Lijsterstraat 30/3 in Houthalen. Lambert Massy started in 1905 as a lemonade manufacturer. In 1996, the company moved to a larger location and the third generation took over completely. Since 2003, the company also exports. Massy is especially strong in developing private label drinks. In these drinks they can put their passion and craftsmanship into action: a classic basis with the customer's desired taste. These private labels can be developed for companies, the catering industry, entrepreneurs, etc. Massy also has a large assortment of gin and its own gin brand. These variations and sometimes entirely new themes have already resulted in an assortment of about 175 types, all prepared according to traditional methods. You can find more information on the website:


The needs of the customer

Due to the rapid growth of the company, Massy contacted The Art of Growing for growth advice. We drew up a growth plan in 6 steps. We mainly focused on the last 3 steps, namely drafting a marketing, communication and sales plan.


We drew up a strategy plan for Massy, which was then implemented. Before the start of the implementation, Massy received a sales coaching to clearly map out its future plans. 

Choosing for support by The Art of Growing in terms of the previously discussed components will lead to Turnover and margin growth, clear goals with the right focus and targeted communication. To obtain better online visibility, we focus on digital communication and attract more people to the webshop. A solid plan and a clear strategy will help us to apply the right communication in order to obtain more brand awareness in Belgium and its surroundings.
Strong communication on all channels is extremely important for the further growth of the company. Both via press and online. Social media has become indispensable and since the clientele consists of all strata of the population (from 18 to 100 years old), we must also be present on all channels.

Key achievements in a row

  • Drawing up a strategy plan in which 6 steps to growth were implemented 

  • Sales coaching and guidance 

  • Drawing up and implementing a marketing plan

  • Communication towards customers

    • Taking care of the entire social media 

    • Creating and sending out newsletters

    • Setting up an Instagram channel

    • Creating videos for social media

    • Setting up a new website with webshop

  • Branding 

    • Creation of roll-up banners for the Hasselt genever festivities

    • Creation of a complete drinks catalogue for customers

Mockup Massy - website.jpg


"The cooperation with The Art of Growing goes very well, they think, help and work with us. They are very concerned with the well-being of the entrepreneur and their employees and are always renewing our communication approach. We recommend working with them."  

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