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Who is our customer? 

Owner, Hendrik Maes, offers his customers a solution for coronaproof outdoor fitness. Thanks to his equipment, outdoor sports become accessible to everyone. Customers compose the zones according to their own needs and wishes, taking into account the specific family situations. Young and old can let off steam on the equipment and thus be active in their own gardens.  He also recently took over OFS, which is mainly active in municipalities and residential care centres. Outdoormove is active in the Benelux and France. Besides the outdoor fitness equipment Hendrik is also distributor for Belgium of the elliptiGo bike (walking bike). The Elliptigo bikes make a very effective fitness training possible outside the fitness club. The smooth running motion is low-impact for the joints but high-impact for the fitness! The ideal combination of cycling, running and the cross trainer!

More information can be found on the website: 


The needs of the customer

In order to channel all his ideas and energy into a bright future where he can make time for himself to play sports and make time for his family, Hendrik wanted a solid growth plan. The Art of Growing is not a classical agency but takes into account the time schedule of the entrepreneur, his dreams and what gives him energy. Together, we drew up a growth plan that offers direction and focus for the coming years. A clear vision, strategy, branding and sales plan bring the right mental peace and focus to make something beautiful out of it.  

The reason for the cooperation between Outdoormove and The Art of Growing is to support Hendrik in the further expansion of both his companies. Hendrik needed a structured and concrete action - and growth plan. 


TAOG analysed the existing situation together with Hendrik. The growth plan, starting with the growth of the entrepreneur himself and its implementation was our concern and pleasure.  


The growth plan consisted of 6 steps:  
Step 1: The entrepreneur himself: Earning more and working less was the starting point. Especially doing what you love to do and still having time to do sports and be busy with the family. The decision was taken to reduce the physiotherapeutic activities and even to almost completely stop them for himself. The physiotherapy practice, however, continued as usual.  

Step 2: Financial and strategic growth plan. The earnings model of physiotherapy and Outdoormove was scrutinised. Strategically we looked at time, return and yield to see what would be best for the future.  Rental/purchase of a warehouse, expansion of the assortment, services,... Which acquisitions could be interesting? Which erp, crm package is needed to save operational and accounting time?

Step 3: Marketing plan: Which domestic and foreign markets are we going to approach and in what way? 

Step 4: Sales plan: How do we translate this into concrete actions in the area of sales? (webshop, newsletters, face to face, win actions,...)

Step 5: Communication plan: press releases, social media, website content, content marketing, etc. 
Furthermore, the legal matters (general terms and conditions, contracts to internationalise) and negotiations for the takeover of OFS were drawn up. Together with Hendrik, we started implementing a marketing and communication plan. 

Key achievements in a row

  • Growth plan in 6 steps including guidance with the takeover of a company

  • Personal coaching of the entrepreneur himself: a great change in thinking and in consciousness

  • Administrative support

    • Choice and setup of CRM package

    • Organisation of invoices

  • (Re)branding & design

    • Adjustments logo

    • Business card design

    • Design of instruction boards

    • Design of brochures/flyers/cards

  • Communication to customers

    • Unburdening for social media

    • Press releases (made in)

    • Newsletters

    • Setting up a Linkedin channel

    • Set up of win actions

    • Search for potential prospects

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"This team was not behind me but really beside me in achieving my entrepreneurial dream."
"Never thought that working with The Art of Growing was going to have such a profound positive impact on my business but also on me as a person myself!"
"The Art of Growing. The only place where reason, passion and joy for entrepreneurship flow effortlessly together."

"The Art of Growing stopped the unconscious robot in me. As a result, I saw everything more clearly and entrepreneurship could really begin."

"I used to think that entrepreneurship was a growth process. Thanks to The Art of Growing, I came to the staggering realisation that a personal growth process is at least as important. What a revelation. Recommended for everyone. Whether you are starting out, are a successful entrepreneur or have just lost the plot."
"The Art of Growing. A whirlwind combination of different skills. Very unique thanks to the real personal approach which makes EVERY entrepreneur feel REALLY understood and helped."

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