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Who is our customer? 

Altrio is the second largest Flemish home care service. It is a warm growth organisation of people who care, people who care every day. With an unaffected honesty, an unprecedented transparency and a genuine urge to connect. Altrio's mission? To do better as care experts, to make it better, better with people.  More information about Altrio can be found on the website


The needs of the customer

Altrio has a management team of 8 and a middle management team that coaches the nursing staff. Because of the enormous growth in a very short time, the (middle) management is confronted with a very changing environment and corresponding problems. Nurses quickly progress to region coach and then to province coordinator, which brings with it the necessary challenges. Entrepreneur Jochem is in with his team and wanted leadership training tailored to his people. He therefore called in the help of The Art of Growing.


We did a thalento and Insight assessment with the management team. This was followed by several personal meetings, training sessions, performance & personal coaching. During the coaching sessions, the growth of the person and their well-being are central. The better the employees know themselves and their challenges, the better they can manage others. The colours of Insights ensure that employees gain more understanding for each other and learn to accept each other's differences. They learn to understand the importance of a management team consisting of different colours. 
In addition, several in-depth training sessions are organised during which the management (team) gains insight into various facets of the required leadership:
- Communication training 
- Values and culture exercises 
- Learning to deal with conflicts

Key achievements in a row

  • Preventing Burnout

  • Creating an open feedback culture 

  • Learning to say 'no' to others and more 'yes' to themselves → better work-life balance


Through the in-depth analyses and training of (the personalities of) our management team, a new culture of debate has been created and we are able to focus our managers even more on their true talents. Some small shifts in task packages have a big difference on output and performance. Thanks to the objective and thorough analyses of the art of growing, the management team is organised more efficiently and therefore also performs better in output.

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