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jova construct

Who is our customer? 

Jova Construct consists of a team of finishing specialists for new buildings and renovations where the customer is always the main focus. Jova Construct listens very carefully to the interior dreams of the customer and actively thinks along with them in order to turn them into reality. Jova also takes care of the transformation from a shell to a ready-to-use house. 


Their approach: 
Fast and transparent communication 
Personal approach and honest advice 
Qualitative execution of the works 
Working with passion and pride 


The needs of the customer

In order to keep up with increasing customer demand, there was a need to recruit new employees. Furthermore, the online visibility had to be improved in order to attract the right customers, generate more brand awareness and communicate the services of Jova to the right audience. 


In order to recruit new employees, it is important that the company & employer branding is up to scratch so that potential employees immediately get a clear picture of what it would be like to work for Jova. We analyse, think along with the customer, hold up a mirror to them and arrive at a plan that we help implement.

For recruitment, we work with flyers and online communication. Always in the same house style, which we will extend everywhere. The internal communication will also be taken care of and the house style will be continued through all documents, from offers to brochures. 

Choosing support from The Art of Growing in terms of the previously discussed components will lead to
- Finding new staff
- More brand awareness
- Structured internal procedures

Key achievements in a row

  • To coach and guide the entrepreneurs themselves in their personal growth process, giving them more self-confidence and insights. 

  • Developing a strategy for the products and services offered 

  • Drawing up and implementing a marketing plan

  • Developing a communication strategy 

    • Creating social media templates via Canva

    • Creating an Instagram grid

    • Training in Canva

  • Branding 

    • Create client brochures to use during intake interview

    • Refreshing the existing brochures and giving them a new look and feel 

    • Designing flyers for the recruitment of new plasterers

    • Designing an offer template 

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