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What is employer and company branding and why is it so important? 

It is not easy these days to attract and retain good staff. Many companies struggle with staff shortages that are hard to fill. That is why it is more important than ever to come out with a winning story. 

Coming out with a strong story starts with your own employees. Your employees are the ambassadors of your brand. With strong employer branding, you ensure that your employees feel good about your company and you also reduce the outflow of talented staff. It is therefore important that your employees can identify with the story that you as an entrepreneur want to tell. Employees must stand behind the company as one team. 

When the employer branding is completely on point, you can come out with a unique story. This will also make it easier to recruit talent. You will be able to show the outside world why it is so much fun to work for your company. 

How can we help in this story? 

Together we look at the corporate culture of your company. Who are you? What do you stand for? What is the atmosphere like? Then we look at how we can translate this into a clear story. How are we going to present your company to the outside world? Based on this, we set up online and offline campaigns to attract new talent. 

vacature mockup_ DIERENARTS.jpg

Veterinary De Vroey was looking for a new employee to strengthen its team in Heusden-Zolder. They were looking for a veterinarian who specialises in small pets. 

We first got to know Anneleen and her team. Then we drew up a vacancy for them. This vacancy was distributed on channels such as: 
- Ghent University
- Different Facebook groups
- Social Media accounts of the practice 

The campaign finally resulted in a vet, Anneleen's team is complete again!

For Martin Vandereyt and WeKonnekt we also looked for helping hands to strengthen their teams. Both Martin Vandereyt and WeKonnekt were looking for a technical position. So we had to gear our campaigns very specifically to this. 

We created a vacancy for both companies and started looking for new talent through online campaigns. 

vacature mockup 2.jpg
vacature mockup_ HBV.jpg

For Bart Hendrickx (heating installer), for example, we were able to recruit a new employee. Bart always wanted to remain a one-man business, but due to the amount of work he was doing, he noticed that he needed a helping hand more and more. 

We drew up a vacancy for Bart that was in line with his values and standards. The aim was to recruit someone who would be a perfect match for Bart and his company. We wanted the warm and cosy feeling that Bart brings with him everywhere to be reflected in his vacancy. 

Van de Velde Group still has many vacancies for the companies Van de Velde Pipe Inspections & Solutions, 't Ruimerke, Leak-Detect and Paul Verschueren. 

In order to fill these vacancies, we set to work with online and offline campaigns. We created a banner and bundled the vacancies in a jobsite ( 

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