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inspiring leadership


Wijerstraat 7, 3520 Zonhoven, Belgium

target audience?

Entrepreneurs, Team leaders, Middle Management, The board


On demand


4 half days interactive leadership training (16 hours)

2 hrs per month follow-up for 4 months/pp (8 hours)


It is a 2-day learning path with a comprehensive before and after course. An innovative approach. The intention is that after this course you will be inspired, will realize growth in your company, with your team and yourself.


More than ever, your team is extremely important to implement your strategy. It is therefore a challenge to adapt your way of managing depending on the mission, knowledge and performance of your people.


But how do you achieve these tough internal goals and what is your role as a manager in this? How do you keep your team inspired and motivated? And how do you communicate and align your strategy so that everyone is on board?


People management often refers to the attention a manager has for his/her team members and employees.  This includes the following:

  • An eye for individual needs and motivations

  • Ensures a safe environment with open communication

  • Gives and asks for feedback

  • Has an eye for giving appreciation 

  • Increases commitment of the team

  • Listens to what is going on and acts on it

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