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The Art of Happiness podcast

Hey I'm Veroniek from The Art of Growing. We guide companies with their personal and business growth. We want to help not only companies but everyone with our gained insights.

Feeling happy seems so easy for some and yet so difficult for others. As a business and personal coach I notice that we often forget to enjoy ourselves because we’re trapped in our heads and always feel the pressure to perform. While others no longer dare to dream or have not yet discovered their passion.

Happiness has become a target that we have to achieve. We 'have' to be happy/successful. If you are happy and successful, you have made it. We don't see happiness as a goal or end result, but a road you walk. A road that consists of beautiful daisies in the verge, between which there are sometimes dog turds. Let this be the contradiction of life that happiness and unhappiness go hand in hand. So before you start this podcast, let go of all your expectations about what happiness should be and disconnect yourself from this ideal image.

The Art of Happiness looks at happiness with a holistic view. Our body, mind and spirit are 1 dynamic whole that is closely connected. Think of it as a bicycle. Each part determines how well our bike will ride. The wheels, the chain, the frame, the environment but also ourselves. Everything is intertwined and determines your feeling of happiness; your body, your purpose in life, your environment, psyche and mind, genetics but also undefined moments of happiness. Each episode will be placed under one of these facets in order to create an impact in your life with a holistic view.

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A Year full of happiness

Interested in more happiness? Discover our new 'A year full of happiness' course. For one year you wil weekly get acces to a new module that gives insights, practical tips and do-its to help you in your journey to inner happiness. 

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