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Lanscape view of a lake in Vietnam

unfold VIETNAM

Flourish just like nature

9 day program, a group of great entrepreneurs, combined with beautiful Vietnam.

In the fall of 2024, take some time to work on yourself and your business. Are you ready to disconnect from everyday work, grow as a person and connect with other cool entrepreneurs? 

Then sign up for this amazing trip to Vietnam.

  • Hanoi/Ho chi Minh city

  • Hikes in rice fields

  • Beautiful white beaches & massages

Out of office

Do you know the feeling of running every day and not always taking the time to stop and reflect?  Standing still with yourself, your way of doing business, managing others....

In this hectic world, we keep on rushing and don't always take the time to reflect on how we can live differently, more efficiently and happier.


From years of experience in training entrepreneurs and high-level managers, we are increasingly confronted with this. 

Also, we don't always get the most out of our lives. That is why we organize a special annual trip where we offer the opportunity to step out of the rat-race, out of your comfort zone and daily routine for one week. To work with other entrepreneurs to increase your self-awareness, to grow as a person and to gain insight into how you can do things differently/better. 

As a leader the first person I need to lead is me. The first person that I should try to change is me..........
Who is Veroniek?

Veroniek Jacobs is a seasoned intuitive mentor who specifically focuses on personal and business development in entrepreneurs and leaders. With her engineering background, she has a keen analytical eye that allows her to gets results quickly. Furthermore, she supports companies with her broad knowledge of industry and know-how in their growth (both revenue, margin and
quality of life). 
What makes her methodology unique is the combination of the "soft human
side" with the hard business approach. Her passion for the growth of people and businesses runs like a thread through her activities, in order to create a better world where conscious living and finding everyone's strengths are are central.

Sustainable entrepreneurship is an important starting point to pass on our beautiful planet to future generations.Veroniek's method of working originated from a variety of disciplines, including experience, NLP, connecting communication, positive psychology, Insights Discovery, Thalento, Psych K, and so on. In short, Veroniek wants to teach people to more consciously feel their bodies and connect with their brain. But also to live in the now, rewrite the past rewrite and visualize the future.

During my training and coaching programs, I have guided more than 1,000 persons, and what a transformation I have witnessed! These persons have given their lives a considerable boost. They now experience more happiness, have lost kilos weight, have tripled their business, feel more self-love, have more self-confidence, positivity and energy. In addition, they have their life goals clear and are grasping life with both hands. Their biggest dreams are becoming a reality.

Terrace farming in Muong Hoa Valley, Vietnam
fun, connection, adventure
The values of unfold trips
What will we offer

Training around business strategy and your own personal strategy. 

In short by disconnecting for a while you can work on your business by looking at it from a distance.

  • Training around self-awareness and leadership also comes into play.

  • Strong leadership; what are the characteristics of this?

  • You draw up your own personal development plan with your business strategy that you get to explain at the end of the trip.

Vietnam will amaze you, a beautiful country, wonderful jungle hiking, very strong culture and delicious food.  All are 4/5 star hotels, and a combination of spontaneous workshops with exploring the country.  From busy Hanoi/Ho chi Minh, to rice fields for beautiful hikes and then ending on a pearl white beach.  You will be impressed by the delicious healthy food.

Target group: entrepreneurs, self-employed and CEOs.

Why join us on this adventure? 
  • If you want to get to know yourself better.

  • If you want personal leadership training.

  • If you want to expand your network.

  • If you just want to take a moment for yourself.

Discover what you really want to do in your life and what you don't want to do anymore, know who you are and how you can grow and thus make your business grow your business. Where do you sometimes block and what impact does this have on you, your relationships and your business. People can really make a difference if they are authentic and stay close to themselves.​

What are the results? 

What you learn here you can apply at home and in your business, more self-knowledge, more conscious living and doing business, more focus, more concrete goals & deadlines, feeling good, knowing you are alive and what you are living for! Not being a parent for a while, sister or brother, daughter or son, friend, manager or partner, just be yourself.
Time for detox and connection!  Treat yourself, what is a week in a lifetime?  And we'll follow up with you afterward to make sure your goals are met and desired results are achieved.


We are leaving 21/09 from Brussels. Our flight is at 19:10 and we arrive 21/09 at 15:25h in Hanoi. The flight has 1 transfer and takes 15h. We return on 30/09 at 10:35h in Brussels.  

Upon arrival at Noi Bai airport around 3:25pm, you will be welcomed by our guide and driver. He will drive us to Mu Cang Chai. You will arrive in Mu Cang Chai around 21:30-22:00h. After checking in, you can fully relax.

Care: dinner, guide, transportation


Prepare for a day full of adventure, because after a delicious breakfast, we started a 10 km trek through some of Asia's most beautiful cultivated topography. Rice terraces roll in ribbons around the hills to spectacular effect.

You will discover terraced rice fields such as: Mam Xoi & Lao Chai or Kim Noi village of the Black H'Mong minority.

And let's not forget the highlight of the day - Bamboo Forest & Corn House!


Care: breakfast, lunch, dinner, guide, transportation



We leave beautiful Mu Cang Chai for cozy Hanoi, in between we make a stop at Tram Tau Hot Spring to completely unwind and relax. After this, we drive on to Tu Le Valley. After both visits, we arrive in Hanoi in the late evening.

Care: breakfast, lunch, dinner guide, transportation


On this day we discover the most breathtaking tour in Vietnam, the Halong Tour. After a 2.5-hour car ride, the cruise welcomes you with a refreshing welcome drink and a delicious lunch as we cruise to one of the seven new natural wonders. We will visit the amazing Trung Trang cave that goes through the mountains for a whopping 300m. And a dip in the emerald green water is not to be missed either. In the evening, we enjoy a delicious dinner during the sunset, then completely relax and spend the night on board.

Care; breakfast, lunch, dinner, guide, transportation


Waking up peacefully with a tai chi session on the sun deck is the perfect way to start the day on a positive note. If you get up early enough, you also have the opportunity to enjoy a stunning sunrise. After a delicious breakfast, explore the Ao Ech area by kayak. Around 11:30am, we will leave the cruise and take a car ride of about 3 hours to Ninh Binh, where we will visit the Mua Cave. The most picturesque place in Ninh Binh where you climb about 500 steps to enjoy beautiful panoramic views of Tam Coc, rice fields and karst landscape. If time permits, we can do a bicycle tour of the rural villages! In the evening, arrive at the hotel in Ninh Binh, where we will have the chance to fully unwind.

Care: breakfast, lunch, dinner,guide, transportation


Sail with us, and enjoy a beautiful boat ride in Tam Coc along the Ngo Dong River. After this beautiful experience, we will go to the airport and fly to Phu Quoc at 5:00 pm. Upon arrival, we check in and enjoy a relaxing and pleasant stay.

Care: breakfast, lunch,dinner guide, transportation


Mountainous and forested Phu Quoc is one of Vietnam's star attractions. Quoc is a beautiful tropical haven with soft secluded beaches, the water a thousand different shades of turquoise. Beautiful sunsets, thunderclouds on the horizon. Palm trees rise perpendicularly above the gentle waves. That is the island of Phu Quoc, a paradise for beach lovers.



Unfortunately the last day in Vietnam, where we will have breakfast in Phu Quoc! And be picked up at 8:00am to go back to the airport in Ho Chi Minh, and take the flight home. The flight has 1 transfer and takes 15h. We return on 30/09 at 10:35am in Brussels. 


Care: breakfast, lunch, guide, transportation

Practical info
This itinerary in vietnam

The program consists of 11 contact days, 1 before we leave, 9 days of Vietnam, and a return evening.
The intensity of the program increases because we work with a small group.
In developing we integrated the following elements:

  • Maximum experiential learning

  • Course materials

  • Reflection moments and exercises

Radiate and connect from your inner strength. But above all have a lot of fun!


Price includes accommodation 4-star hotels, flight and internal flights, cab, entrance fees, organization, activities, excursions, guide,... 
Includes all meals.
3500 € 

Training SME portfolio business strategy  
= 2500 -30% = 1750 €

Total 5250 € excl VAT

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