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 Family Constellations


Wijerstraat 7, 3520 Zonhoven, Belgium


GR5, Langvennestraat 5, 3511 Hasselt, Belgium

target audience?

anyone who wants to take a step towards a deeper understanding of ourselves and our
family systems.


On demand


1 day


A way to get a new perspective on situations. Difficult patterns get moving again.
During this workshop, we take a look at your system of origin. A family system is a group with its own rules and laws. For instance, a family in which everyone has their own role. The operation of the (unwritten) rules and laws, the relationships among each other and the unspoken roles, can be quite complicated. They can lead to misunderstanding and confusion. In daily life, this can put us under pressure, and we get caught up. You can get stuck in patterns and beliefs that belong to the system and may have been passed down through previous generations. All this often happens unconsciously. All you notice are your (psychological) symptoms.
We zoom in on our family dynamics in an interactive way.

Els Schepens of GR5 (

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