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Wijerstraat 7, 3520 Zonhoven, Belgium

or online

target audience?

Anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and their team


On demand


1 day (8 hours)


Would you like to gain more insight into yourself and others? In your own behavioral preferences and those of your colleagues, manager(s), employees... Do you want to gain more insight into the other person's being different and thus get more out of your communication and working with others? Then this online or offline learning journey is exactly what you need! An exciting training where the route was mapped out for you. ​


In this training you will discover:

  • what exactly Insights Discovery® is;

  • how it is that we all look at the same reality, yet see different truths in that reality;

  • based on your personal Insights profile, what your unique Insights color mix is ​​(What is your dominant color? Which color is least represented? And what does this teach us about you?);

  • what exactly the 4 different Insights colors (red, yellow, green, blue) mean;

  • how to correctly interpret the Insights graphs from the basic profile (conscious persona, less conscious persona and preferred streams);

  • what information you can derive from the Insights Team Wheel;

  • what is the difference between extrovert and introvert;

  • what is the difference between thinking types and feeling types (thinking vs feeling);

  • what exactly sensing and intuition mean;

  • how to efficiently adjust and/or attune your behavior and your communication to the other person.

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