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lEADER/MANAGER - become your best version


Wijerstraat 7, 3520 Zonhoven, Belgium

target audience?

Entrepreneurs, Team leaders, Middle Management, The board


On demand


6 afternoons in group (4 hours) - 24 hours


Time to grow in your role as a starting or experienced leader?  Then be sure to enroll in our training course : Inspirational Leadership



Do you lead and recognize some issues?

  • You are not always aware of how you come across to your team.

  • You avoid difficult conversations, you do not dare to break bad news.

  • You do not always dare to address people, give feedback or clear instructions.

  • You have a hard time dealing with conflict situations and problem behavior of employees.

  • Delegating responsibilities usually goes wrong, "I'd better do it myself then at least it's done right.

  • People often gossip and you don't get a cohesive team.


Leadership has never been more important.  We want to keep our employees on board and on the other hand we want to be an attractive employer.  We have a big influence on this and help determine the growth and development of our employees.  What we say and do or don't do makes all the difference. 

In these 6 evening sessions you will get to know yourself better, you will learn how to manage and motivate your team better and you will draw up an action plan that will lead to more happiness at work for everyone. 

Leading with your head or rational as a manager IQ,

leading with your heart or using your EQ and

leading with your hands or translating into an operational action plan.


What sets us apart?

You get concrete templates that you can start working with right away during the session.

You will be given practical cases and examples that will inspire you.

Trainers are experience experts who are in the field.

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