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Unfold ardennen

A special programme for entrepreneurs, self-employed people and executives.

Open to working on yourself.

Open to more self-awareness.

Open to developing a deeper connection with yourself and others.

To work on yourself and your business from a distance.

who is the coach?


Veroniek Jacobs - Business mentor & growth coach

Veroniek Jacobs is an experienced consultant, trainer and mentor with a specific focus on personal development (growth) in start-ups to experienced entrepreneurs. From her engineering education, she has a highly analytical view and perception that allows for quick results.

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Leen Ponet - Intermittent living coach

Leen Ponet is a pharmacist, orthomolecular therapist, intermittent living coach and kPNI-
therapist (io) and founder of the online pharmacy Farmaline.

She likes to inspire people with the knowledge of what impact a healthy lifestyle
can have on your health/disease as well as mental resilience.


Exercise and healthy eating are always part of it. Hiking, morning workout, meditation, healthy cooking together, E-mountain biking or kayaking, re-energising and training around 'more self-care'. (Heated swimming pool is available, kicker & pool table)

the program is as follows:

  1. Connecting with yourself - what roles do we keep playing and how do we exhaust ourselves to keep all the balls high

    • Peace and quiet - coming to yourself

    • Sharing each other's story

    • Dealing with real stress and learning to relax

    • Exercises with tips & tricks - take care of your inner self!

  2. Dare to feel and shine like a man/woman

    • Beauty in & outside

    • Holistic view of self-care

    • Relaxing and swimming (chilaxing)

    • Taking care of your outer self

  3. What do you keep putting off doing for yourself? What situation do you (sometimes) stay in that doesn't actually make you happy?

  4. Turn change into action with buddy system (put into practice)

  5. Integration round & feedback


  • More inner peace and clarity

  • Dealing differently with stress, nutrition and exercise

  • Being totally in your power and energy

  • Living more consciously

  • Taking better care of yourself

  • Stopping procrastination

  • When it comes to yourself and what makes you happy what makes you happy

  • Getting to know yourself better and getting back more feel

  • Enjoy and unwind

  • Connecting with other like-minded people each telling their own story

  • Feeling good, knowing you are alive and what you are living

  • Experiencing more happiness every day


Are you convinced? Or do you want some more information about this trip? Send an e-mail to and we're happy to help you! 

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