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13 - 16 may 2022

In these bizarre corona times, self-care is more important than ever. More and more people are experiencing burnout, depression, or simply a lot of stress. Taking good care of yourself is a must and secretly we all know it. But actually doing it is often difficult. Take some time from May 13-16 to have fun and do some self-care. Are you ready to be stronger, wiser and more fulfilled? Then sign up for this sporty trip to the Ardennes with other entrepreneurs.

You will not regret it!

This program combines exploring the Ardennes with learning more about yourself to beter take care of yourself and then others.

As a result you make connections/friends for life. You learn about self care and how to implement it. We have just one life so let's make the best out of it.  Only for open minded leaders & entrepreneurs with a growth mindset.

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What's the program like? 

This program combines the Ardennes with learning how to do self-care, so you can be there better for others. Sports and healthy eating are always part of it. Hiking, morning workout, yoga and meditation, healthy cooking together, mountain bike initiation, rejuvenation and training around 'more self-care'.


The program:

  1. Making a connection with yourself

  2. Dare to be a man/woman and shine

  3. What do you keep putting off doing for yourself? What situation do you (sometimes) stay in that doesn't actually make you happy?

  4. Turn change into action with buddy system (put into practice)

  5. Integration round & feedback

For whom?

For open minded entrepreneurs and self-employed people who would like to get away for a weekend with like-minded people.

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Why should I come to the Ardennes?

Sign up when you need some time for yourself. This is a moment to stop playing a role, to stop being a business woman/man, mom/dad, partner and just be your natural self. Find yourself again and spoil yourself with a nice weekend out.


Ready for movement, connection and lots of laughter? Then definitely come along!

How much does this Unfold trip to Rochehaut cost?

The price includes the training, accommodation, food & drinks, all activities (hiking, biking, ...), course materials, excluding transportation.

The training price is

*1000 - 30% KMO-wallet = 700 euro, to be requested via the KMO portfolio.

*Accommodation, organization, activities, full board 400 €.

Places are limited, register soon!

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