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15 tips to retain your employees

1. Increase your LQ - triple S: safe, seen and support meaning create a safe working environment with future certainty, where people feel recognized and supporting.

2. Create a pleasant workplace: o cozy office, o break out rooms, o game room, .. o integration of fun, sports and work 3. Flexible working hours 4. Personal development / growth plan 5. Extra creative benefits o Gym subscription o Walking, exercising together o Incentive bonus / trip / team building o Ironing service o Childcare o Annual family day o Working together for a good cause 6. Give attention and time, know what is going on and do something with it 7. Be honest and correct, keep promises 8. Let people do what they are good at (strengths) 9. Private / work balance must be ok 10. Coaching, active listening and showing empathy 11. Resolve conflicts and don't let them simmer 12. Inspiring atmosphere and innovation 13. Develop team spirit with common goals 14. Culture match 15. Good leadership and management



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